Ghosts (Immagini)


“J’ai photographié ce qui me tombait sous l’oeil, sans recherche ni discrimination;
les souvenirs sont enfants du hasard, seuls les truqueurs ont leur mémoire en ordre.”

Daniel Pennac
Aux fruits de la passion (1999)

Mascagni terrace 2

Mascagni terrace n°1Quando si tirò su
da quella poltrona
vecchia su vecchia

fu poesia di un aspetto
regesto di un contratto
tutto chiaro e il nulla

di vita andata percezione
simbolo ultimo e definitivo
immagine nel lago di se stessa.

Evening stroll
35×50 cm  5 copies certified
Cotton paper on Dibond
No title
24×30 cm
2 copies certified
Cotton paper on forex

The fifth of David

A child walks along a city street, against the backdrop adults converse with each other, indifferent or otherwise too preoccupied with their lives to worry about him …
In the contemporary world the special interests and selfishness, help to create uncertainty for the future of the new generations.
Because of greed, we are consuming valuable resources, the lack of which will impact heavily on the future of our children.

Florentine Horizon Overexposed

Nella  massa, la percezione dell’altro è quasi inesistente, un fastidio, un transito, un tempo intermedio, ci si difende vestendoci di apatia e cinismo, dall’apatia e dal cinismo altrui.

What do
you see in
the mirror?

Cosa vedi nello specchio? e tu sei il riflesso? o ciò che si riflette? e soprattutto, quale delle due immagini è quella vera?

I photographed this man and his wife walking along a street in Barcelona, the movement has distorted his features, while its reflection on the metal, not perfectly linear, it is distorted but readable …
A metaphor for what we are for ourselves as opposed to what others see, what is the truth? We are role or essence? One of the issues on which explores contemporary philosophy.

Ghost bridge
70×50 cm  5 copies certified
Ilford galerie Baryta on gatorfoam
The theater of almost alive

In this image, the today’s world, is represented by a theater in which the actors play a static role, especially those most vulnerable to the attention of the observer, while the figures in motion remain almost unnoticed in the background.
metaphor of power and media mechanism behind which is hidden, because of this, the true responsibilities are beyond the understanding of the people …

70×100  3 copies fine art certified
30×40 3 copies fine art certified
Rome symbolizes the evolutionary force, which arises from a society with people from many different cultures and backgrounds.
The strength of a community is the contribution from this, the specificity of each individual.
Florence underground #3come fosse vento
fermato nelle nasse
e tempo quieto,
questo sguardo,
attento nel riposo
ammucchiato al sole
-quasi una matassa stinta-
coi capi nell’intrico
e nessun buon cuore
o impiccio curioso
a dipanare.
Florentine wall

50×70 cm 5 copies certified
Carta di cotone su Gatorfoam

Evening stroll
(Number two)

The look of this boy pointing towards the observer, crosses the veil of humanity indifferent, and makes contact. Metaphor or exemplification of “synapses” between humans …


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